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Diabolical Dungeoneer is located in the Lower Mainland and is here to bring some new dimensions to your tabletop adventures.


Customized to suit your needs!

Due to the highly customized nature of this product, please get in touch with me to design the layout of your very own Wallhalla dispilay!


3D Printing Licenses

Diabolical Dungeoneer has access to some great artists in the 3D printing community and is pleased to bring you the following

close up crypt.jpg

Dice Heads

Dice Heads is a collection of chibi style figures that can hold your favourite d20 in their head!

Source models are copyright Dice Heads provided as an officially licensed seller.

Fat Dragon Games

DRAGONLOCK™ Ultimate is a dungeon tile system that allows you to create fully modular, snap-lock, multi-level dungeon terrain for tabletop RPGs. Individual pieces links together Dragonbite™ clips.

Source models are copyright Fat Dragon Games provided as an officially licensed seller.

Hero's Hoard & EC3D

Hero's Hoard & EC3D offer a variety of 3D miniatures and terrain for tabletop gaming. From Generic Medieval to some recent kickstarters like "Skyless Realms", "Wilds of Wintertide"

Source models are copyright Hero's Hoard/EC3D provided as an officially licensed seller.


With Wallhalla you can proudly display all your favourite or retired minis on your wall.

Source models are copyright Ill Gotten Games provided as an officially licensed seller.

I am excited to bring a new dimension to your table top games! It's always a treat to wow your players with some killer terrain(and killer monsters...)
I will be posting images from some of my games and fun prints I will be offering from some of my favourite artists.

Reuben, Head Imp of Diabolical Dungeoneer


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